Download Trucksim Map v3.0 mod witch adds 107 new cities to the original map.

Trucksim Map v3.0 video by MrGermanTruck:

The following new countries are incorporated: Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania and Greece. In North Africa, Egypt can be traveled.
With this version, 107 new cities have been added to the Originalmap, so now aims to drive a total of 180 cities are available.
With the V3 you can expect some kind Übergangsmap. It will technically work as a release and, accordingly, are also serviced and supported and expanded in the coming weeks. However, there is also a map on the other is not so, as we have set ourselves. The Bechilderung lies to a large extent still in its infancy, some graphics are not as we want.
Were inserted the discharge points of 50keda (sell plan Kaarfor). The alternative discharge points from knoxx are not yet integrated.
Thus, the map is perfect, we expect that our error in the map are reported. Do not be Shy! Give this as a description of the error and adds a screenshot (preferably with inserted mini map) a. It when the error using the bug reports would be best (see glossary) are reported.
Software for the SCS Base
Mario Merlinita, Lkwaner, Hrvattrucker, Harry_P., For Maparbeiten
50keda for unloading plan and Sell Kaarfor
kamaz for boards
*** Important *** It is to start a new game.
We do our work for the fun of the thing, and they are also continue to keep it open. But since we often asked about donations
were. http://www.trucksim-map.com
the changes to the map can be found here: Report error – Bug Tracker
Have Fun
Your TSM team
TruckSim TruckSim Map of MODS is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at Download Only the original link from TSM (uploaded.net).
Permissions beyond the scope of this license you may under error message – TruckSim – get Map Team
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The mod may not be offered to other file hosters!

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